Thursday, January 4, 2018

Only Dreams of Scootin'

The only scootin’ I’ll be doing for the next few weeks would appear to be the kind I can do in my dreams, both of the day and night varieties.  My brain knows it’s officially winter, but as we rolled from late autumn into it, somehow it didn’t seem possible that the deep freeze would be upon us soon. 

To be certain, I don’t like snow.  I don’t like it at all.  I’m not one of those bleary eyed fools who are always hoping for a white Christmas (although I admit to being a bleary eyed fool over romantic movies), and I’m definitely not the kind who wants snow because of the “fun” activities that the athletic types enjoy in it.


I like rain.  It doesn’t have to be shoveled, swept, or blown from point A to point B when it falls.  It doesn’t accumulate so as to make going anywhere difficult; well not usually although when it causes flooding around here it can be a bit annoying and sometimes dangerous.

Even to get from the yard to the street, there's snow in the way.
I like sunshine even more.  Especially when it’s of the sort that allows scootin’ in a tee shirt and shorts.  But those days are a long time off now and I barely remember them because of the Piaggio having been in the shop from May through August last year.

If the snow doesn't get you on two wheels, the salt will.
So I’ll wait.  Wait for the end of the snow and the popping up of daffodils and crocuses and such.  And I’ll dream of scootin’ while I wait.

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kz1000st said...

I'm with you Joe. Every time I walk past the bikes in the garage silently waiting for better weather I sigh. Warmer weather can't come soon enough.