Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Not a Mention of Christmas

One who knows me online but not personally might deduce from my Facebook and Blogger presences, or absences as they were, that Christmas somehow escaped me this year.  I posted no great, grand, nor glorious Christmas wishes, stories, anecdotes, or anything else in the usual places where I usually (Some might argue unusually.) share bits and pieces of myself online.  Christmas Day came and went online without me being obviously in it.  In "real life," however, it was a Christmas full of profound wonder and with a unique closeness to the Lord about Whom I don't usually preach in my various online manifestations.  I guess I was just savoring it all very close to my own heart without feeling the need to yell about the glory of it all in this contrived and limited existence on social media.

For various reasons I had much to be grateful for this Christmas, not specifically because of its being Christmas, but it’s difficult for a “holy” season to come without everything good in one’s life somehow being tied up in it and magnified in its greatness.  For the first time in many years, I stood before the Almighty, naked as it were – stripped of all pretense, half truth, self-centeredness and yet comfortable in my own skin, grateful for so many things having gone right in my life in the past quarter of a year or so during which events and circumstances just fell into place in a way that makes me not have to worry from day to day about where I’m going to go from here. 

I’m going to go figuratively and literally wherever the winds blow me.  Whenever I want to and can.  I’m going to waste good numbers of days while it’s bitter cold outside doing nothing, or as little as I can get away with.  When the weather warms up I’m going to ride my ass off on my scooter whiling away long distances on the odometer without venturing all that far from my front door.  I’m going to fill my life, again figuratively and literally with colored light because I love colors and live best when I’m surrounded by  all different shades of them.  I’m going to celebrate my life as never before and take not a second of it for granted.

 God bless us, everyone!  For Christmas!  In the coming New Year!  It is my fervent wish, and prayer, that everyone reading these words will come to know the kind of peace I now revel in on most days.  There’s nothing like it and I want it for everybody, so that every day is like a little Christmas of sorts – uniquely wonderful, and special, and different.  Holy even, perhaps.


kz1000st said...

And a Happy New Year Joe.

Joe said...

And the very same to you, Jim! A blessed and joyful 2018 all around!