Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In Flux

I have not given up on riding, nor on writing.  I got this comment on my last post from Steve Williams who writes, "Scooter in the Sticks," which to me is the Gospel of scooter blogs:

OK. Just because you reach a mileage milestone it doesn't mean you quite writing and posting. Seems like that scooter has at least another thirty thousand miles in it. That translates into at least a few more posts... 

I felt guilty when I read it.  I put it aside for a while, as I have this entire blog for nearly the past three years during which my life has been on hold in a limbo of sorts. The end of the tunnel is in sight and it's terrifying to me.  The entire course of the rest of my life is going to be decided sometime in April and I'm scared to near death.  No, it's nothing like I might go to jail or anything horrible like that.  I haven't been THAT bad yet.

Now I hate on Facebook when somebody posts, "Oh no!  I can't believe it!" leaving the reader wondering what the hell happened.  Good?  Bad?  How big?  But for now I have to do that.  Still I felt the need to reply to Steve's note in some manner and here I am, simply saying that before summer I'm going to be back in riding and writing mode, or perhaps not getting to do much of either of them again to any great degree.

If you're a person of prayer, I'd appreciate your offering a few or many intercessions on my behalf for a favorable outcome of the ordeal I'm facing.  If not, perhaps cross your fingers for me now and then and send me some hopes and wishes that all will be well.  Thanks!


Steve Williams said...

Sorry to have a part in any guilt you might be feeling about riding, writing or anything else you're dealing with. One thing I've learned is that what works in my life is unique and what works for someone else may spell disaster.

When I follow someone's blog and see them stop I always wonder why. May be that I'm wondering about my own commitment. You hint at something big going to happen. Whatever it is I'll say a prayer for you to receive the courage and strength to move ahead through whatever comes your way.

Hopefully things will be bright and positive and you'll find your scooter and writing voice intact and ready to roll.



Joe said...

Steve, thank you. For continuing to be an inspiration (That was a GOOD guilt.), for your supporting words, and the prayer.

As for your commitment, I recall with horror the time when you talked about putting "Scooter in the Sticks" to rest and am grateful with every mail I get that you've posted something new that you're still going strong. I enjoy, especially, this time of year when you're writing something every day.

Thanks again, for being there. For being here.


Steve Williams said...

I suspect it's hard for anyone who's not a blogger to understand why someone would feel guilty or troubled not posting. While I may not be exactly sure myself I like to believe it's something akin to a professional athlete leaving the game -- it is such an integral part of their life that letting it go generates sadness. It's a loss.

My own dance with stopping was instructive on how important writing had become for me. Being a non-writer that kind of surprised me.

Anyways, I glad I might have provided a speck of inspiration. Take care on your journey ahead.


Steve Williams said...

Good guilt -- seems an oxymoron! Regardless, whatever moves us forward in action, decision or thought is a good thing right?

I remember that months years ago when I considered ending Scooter in the Sticks. I was looking at the time investment and return through a very narrow lens. It was, if i remember correctly, the same time I was fiddling with Google AdSense and pondering the income. So my perspective was a bit twisted.

During that time I took some time to reflect on the real reasons I was blogging and just asked, "Is it delivering?" The answer was yes and I moved on and haven't looked back. And during those times when it all seems too familiar, predictable or boring I know something new always appears over the next hill or on the next day. It's helped through my medical issues and through a variety of crises of "faith".

Riding is a powerful tool. So is photography. But writing -- it's by far the most powerful connection to my mind. And that's useful -- especially in troubled times.

I hope the day greets you well and the cold doesn't bit too hard.