Saturday, December 5, 2015

Scooters Do That to People

Scooters are like babies in strollers sometimes.  People see one coming and their faces light up with glee as if they want to reach out and give it a kitchy-kitchy-koo.  They often come closer to strike up a conversation and while they don't often ask how old it is, they're been known to inquire about its miles per gallon.

Take my mom, for example.  Whenever she sees one of us coming near her with a camera, her head turns, her hands go up, she moves out of the way if she can - anything to escape from being in a picture.  It doesn't matter if it's her birthday, just a candid moment, Christmas Eve dinner - Mom does NOT want her picture taken.  She's not Amish or anything like that.  I think she's just afraid that we'll get a goofy picture of her and put it up for the world to see.  (She knows us well.)

Toss my scooter into the picture, however, and look at her get all cute and smiley.  I was in the driveway dropping something off for my sister and it was she who called Mom over to get into a shot with me.  She laughed a little and came right over, without a grimace or a hand to obscure her pretty face.

Leave it to the scooter to make her beam!  Scooters are just like that.  They bring out the best and friendliest in people!

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