Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scooter Christmas Shopping!

While in past years there was an occasional December day when taking out the scooter wasn't something that made everybody think I'm nuts, I don't know if there's been another December like this one since I started riding when every day's been a scooterable one for over a week.  I've been enjoying the very unseasonably warm weather very much and getting in a ride just about every day even if it's just a short one to nowhere so I can experience the joy of being out on two wheels at a time when I could be more conceivably shoveling snow.

Although most of my Christmas shopping was done there were a few odds and ends that I still needed to pick up so after consulting the great weather.com seers I layered up and took the bike out.  What a wonderfully refreshing time it was being out and about, especially to my spirit which was already ramped up with Christmas cheer and merriness.  

I got my shopping done in record time 'cause it's so much easier getting to where I want to be on the Piaggio than in the car.  Sometimes when I'm zipping along from place to place I feel like a busy bee zipping along from flower to flower.  I love taking off at a green light and looking in the rear view mirror a few seconds later to see the car that was behind me at the red light just starting to move.  I'll take those little thrills wherever they might be found.

Okay, the chartreuse jacket doesn't quite complete the Santa ensemble that the hat begins, but my reasoning behind donning it was that drivers wouldn't anticipate seeing a bike in December as well as they might in the months that are typically conducive to enjoyable scooter rides, so being seen would be more likely I hoped.  I'm not sure if it worked, but it was better to be safer I reasoned, and I did make it back from my mission unscathed.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for my friend, Paul, who writes "Scootin' Fool."  From his Facebook post a few days ago: "So, dumped the scoot and broke my collarbone.  Helmet saved my life. Head bounced off pavement three times."  I haven't gotten wind of just what happened yet, but I'm hoping he'll be up and back on his scooter as soon as he can.  Unfortunately coincidental is that Paul just recently started taking classes on motorcycle repair so I don't know if he or his bike will get fixed first.

The extended forecasts being presented by weather services that don't mess with their predictions to try to create false hopes that there might be a white Christmas are indicating that this pleasant weather just might last through Christmas Day itself.  I'll be perfectly happy if my dormant lawn is clearly visible on December 25th and beyond rather than lying under that blanket of white that some starry eyed dreamers will be wishing for.  If I get in a nice ride on Christmas Day it'll be a great ending to a year that wasn't too bad.

And don't tell me when typical winter weather arrives that I won't have a right to complain because of how good I had it now.  I know that all things tend to even out so I decidedly reserve the right to belly-ache all I want when the cold, snow, and ice are keeping me in the house or on four wheels.


David Masse said...

Joe, the only problem with the clement climate is that Florida will disappear, so will Manhattan, snowbirds will be going to Pennsylvania to escape the winter blues, and the only snowbirds will be Eskimos.

Paul Smith said...

Hah! Tellin' on me are ya? Glad ya did. I've been writing a bit to try to get some stuff published and am working on a project for school, which I will post to my blog when it is finished.