Thursday, October 22, 2015


I learned a few cool words in high school: onomatopoeia, deus ex machina, alliteration, and a few others that sound all fancy ass and highfalutin as I like words to sound.  Sometimes it's surprising to learn a new word and think, They actually have a word for that?  Like "defenestration" which is the act of throwing something or someone out of a window.  One of my favorite words that makes a sweetly pretentious sound is "juxtaposition" - a word for simply putting things side by side.

One of the things I find most enjoyable about scootering is pausing to take selfies that juxtapose me beside natural, interesting, eyebrow raising, head shaking, or otherwise noteworthy things or vistas that by themselves would make pleasant enough pictures.  I find, though, that they're just better with me in them.  Sometimes putting myself into a picture is just more fun when I'm on the scooter and I take advantage of the opportunity to do so just about every time I'm out on the bike.

Herewith are a number of recent favorites, and I suppose by "recent" I mean they were taken sometime during this year.

Don't just pose.  Juxtapose!

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