Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Was Right

Funny how when I'm right about things, they're often not good things.  Without checking any weather forecasts I predicted yesterday that my days of riding in a tee shirt and shorts were coming to an end soon, and I awoke this morning to temperatures in the low 50s.  Today's riding ensemble was totally different from yesterday's.

Not only was I sporting the "glow in the dark" jacket, but under it was a long sleeved flannel shirt on top of the usual tee.  The leather gloves were out too!

There was nowhere that I needed to go except to take my daily walk, and I sure wasn't ready to have to take the car.  I won't walk in my own neighborhood; I don't consider it safe any more so I usually scoot to a nicer place somewhere a little farther out.

I calculated the distance from one end of a local strip mall to the other and determined it to be just the right length so off I rode to give it a whirl.  In walking as much as I have since I got out of the hospital last week I'm still sore in places I forgot I had, but I can feel the muscles getting back in shape in other places so the walking is getting a little faster and easier.

I ended up at the farmer's market downtown for what will surely be one of the last of the season to get some fresh zucchinis.  A fat woodchuck and his family destroyed with impunity my zuke crop before it even got past the leaf growing stage and I didn't get a single one from the garden this year.  Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to get a pic of me grinning next to the "Sweet Lush Cupcakery" truck.  Nope.  No cupcakes for me.

So it was chilly, but I braved the "freezing" 50s and got out there anyway for some fun riding.  No scootering till next week now.  After dinner I dropped the bike off at the shop for its annual inspection.  Here's hoping I won't be getting a call to inform me that I need new tires or anything costly and that I'll be back in the saddle post haste.


kz1000st said...

I hate to be nosy but what happened to Teaching? Usually you disappear at the end of August and get caught up in Common Core and paperwork. I'm very happy to still be reading your cheerful prose but did I miss something?

Joe said...

KZ, you didn't miss anything that I publicized. You're right that I've not mentioned it, not even in passing. I am no longer teaching.

After having had my self-identity caught up in my profession for too long I am busy redefining myself. For that reason my posts have become kind of vague introspections rather than observations about anything concrete.


kz1000st said...

Another good educator chased away by oppressive Common Core paperwork. I am sure the new you will be as professional as the former you. Good luck in your endeavors.

D.B. Echo said...

Glad to learn your name is Joe, and not Walter. Every time I hear about someone on a scooter getting killed, I think of my friend Kyle, and you.

D.B. Echo said...

Glad to see your name is Joe and not Walter. Every time I hear about someone on a scooter getting killed, I think about my friend Kyle, and you.