Monday, July 1, 2013

Yuengling Brewery Tour - Pottsville, PA

I knew that Yuengling was America's oldest brewery and I knew that it was somewhere in Pennsylvania.  What I didn't know was that it's only about an hour from where I hang my hat so when I found that out it was just a matter of time before I took advantage of an opportunity to tour the brewing facility, an opportunity that presented itself on Saturday when I awoke and pondered the weekly, weekend question, What should I do today?

I'm not going to try to give a virtual tour here because the plant is worth visiting (There's also one in Florida that gives tours.) on your own.  I will simply showcase some of my favorite photos of the day with minimal commentary.

The brewery was built into the side of the hill across the street when the original brewhouse burned sometime early in the last century.  Pottsville itself seems to be one, big, unforgiving hill that you look at and wonder what the original settlers were thinking when they took a look at it and thought, This looks like a good place to build a home.  The guide explained that the new building was built as it was so they could dig into the side of the mountain to provide a basement that would be naturally cold for storage of grain and finished product, but one still has to wonder why they chose Pottsville in the first place.

No fancy visitors' center here.  Just an unassuming simple doorway on a rather steep hill.

Part of the cave system on which the whole plant was built.

I very much enjoyed that the brewery is totally unpretentious.  The age of the building speaks for the long, family tradition that goes into brewing Yuengling beer, lager, and ale.

Of course, behind the rather ancient architecture is the modern equipment that gets the brew made to meet the demands of Yuengling connoisseurs such as yours truly.

If you like beer and enjoy plant tours, I highly encourage you to visit the beautiful hill of Pottsville and to spend the hour or so going through the Yuengling Brewery.  Did I mention that there's some free tasting at the end?  

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