Monday, June 6, 2011

Riding not Writing

Yes, I'm riding like crazy, every chance I get - in between the days of scattered thunderstorms and isolated thunderstorms which seem to be alternating with days of partly cloudy and mostly cloudy. Of course none of them preclude the possibility of HOT which it has also been just about daily for the most part. I've been taking the BV to work most days - very nice starts to the mornings, and even though it's a little chilly then I've been riding in just short sleeves because I'm still hot from my shower when I hit the saddle.

I'm always on the lookout for photo ops, but either they've become more scarce, my eye has been off, or I've gotten more lazy in terms of dismounting to grab a Fuji moment. A scoot out to Dallas on Memorial Day got this pic of the bike next to a giant coffee cup. It suits me 'cause there's coffee flowing freely through me till about 1:30 PM most days. The only difference is that I run on generic rather than Dunkin'. A good cup of the latter is hard to beat, but unfortunately the price isn't.


It was perhaps a few years ago when I got a cool picture like the next one in front of a similarly decorated market in Duryea, Pa. When I saw this storefront in Nanticoke yesterday, (and I couldn't have missed it if I'd tried), I knew I had to get a snap. Luckily it was Sunday afternoon and the town square was mostly deserted, so the weird feeling of conspicuousness that I usually feel when I'm taking pictures of my own little scooter didn't bother me much.

Nanticoke's often the perfect choice when I don't want to ride too far but want to get at least a few good miles between my house and the terminus of my ride. One of my uncles grew up there, and it was where we based the polka band that I was in back in college, so it kind of feels a little bit like home itself there. The folks are friendly and the place itself always feels welcoming.

I doubled back for the next glimpse of life here in the valley and wondered how far from here a "PIGGY DINNER" would be understood for what it actually is - a ground beef, pork, and rice mixture wrapped in a cabbage leaf and slow cooked in sauerkraut or tomato sauce or both. (And I'd originally typed "ground beer" in that last sentence. Do I have summer vacation on the brain?)

And speaking of summer vacation it's still not till the middle of the month that it starts. I know, I shouldn't much complain because of all the people who are already unsympathetic toward teachers for anything, but I remember fondly a time when we started back in early September and got out in the first week of June. Now it seems to go by in the blink of an eye, but rest assured that I'll put some good miles on the Piaggio before it's over again.

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irondad said...

Suddenly I have this urge to go find a giant coffee cup! Alas, we have no Dunkin Donuts left out here. The last one I saw was at an airport in D.C.