Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meeting Up

Although I've met some great folks because of riding the scooter, and gotten drawn often into conversation because of it, today was my first opportunity to meet someone because of writing this blog. I was at K-Mart, having gotten one of those way too expensive flat, lithium batteries for the thermometer I keep in the Neon, and I was just about ready to leave when I saw a gentleman a few rows across the parking lot waving in my general direction. I looked around and behind me, and saw nobody else to whom he might have been waving so I rode over to where he was standing. He asked if I write this blog through a hearty smile and when I told him that I do he introduced himself as the blogger behind the pseudonym D. B. Echo across the street from whose home I once took a picture of the BV and with whom I've interacted a few times in the comments section right here at "Scootin'."

To be honest I was a little stunned that he knew who I was until it dawned on me that I probably put more pictures of my own mug on here as I do of anything else.

"D. B." told me that there's a get-together of local blog penning folks like us coming up this Friday, but I'll be away on one of my weekend jaunts. Hopefully there will be one sometime in the future that will find me here and able to attend. Meanwhile I'll keep wearing this twinkle in my smile from having met such a genial fellow who seemed to be as tickled at meeting up with me as I was in getting to shake his hand and chatting a little.

Drat! I should have taken a picture of us to share here. Next time!


kz1000st said...

Do you think you'll smile for the camera this time?

Joe said...

Oh, who knows? I always think I'm smiling and then I take the pictures from the camera and look like the old man from American Gothic in most of 'em.


cpa3485 said...

Sounds like an interesting out of the blue meeting. You never know what will happen sometimes.