Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week and Stuff

It’s “Holy Week” around the world this week – that stretch between Palm Sunday and Easter during which we who are Christian contemplate and in some sense “relive” that three day stretch in the life and times of Jesus Christ by which we believe the opportunity to get into heaven was made possible. Of course, to us Catholics the guarantee of eternal life doesn't end there; we still have to live relatively decent lives to avoid taking the down elevator when our reckoning is complete. Thus it was that the well dressed scooter this past Sunday was sporting some blessed palms on the way back from church.

I was hungry this past Friday for something other than the usual pizza (on whole wheat crust - yeeeech!) and breaded fish nuggets featured in the school cafeteria and treated myself to some McFish burgers at the local McDonalds. I don't know if it's just my iPod or if McWifi sucks in general, but I always have a difficult time getting the log-in screen at just about any Mickey D's, and then going anywhere online after I do. I tried yet again at getting one of those awesome food on the table shots that Steve Williams can do better with his iPhone than I can do with my DSLR, but once more I didn't quite manage to capture the deliciousness or welcoming ambiance that he always gets into his photos. Then again, consider where I was and what I was eating. Sigh!

I had the chance to roll over the new bridge that spans the Susquehanna River on the day that it officially opened for general use and thought it was cool that I was able to do that. The old green bridge standing alongside it will be taken down. It was one of those places where many of us cut our teeth while learning to drive because I swear the width of the old bridge didn't leave more than an inch of space between one's driver's side mirror and those of the cars coming in the opposite direction. I'm sure there was a little more breathing room than that, but it sure didn't feel like it.

Northeast Pennsylvania is removed enough from tornado alley that we don't usually have to worry about high winds, but there was some damage done here in the past week. This old man, on the way between my house and my parents', got a bit of a hair cut on Saturday. I don't know that I've ever been in a wind that strong when out on the BV because high wind is generally accompanied by rain around here, but I'm pretty sure that I don't want to be!

Wishing everybody a peaceful week and happy rides!


irondad said...

For what it's worth, I struggle with food photography, too. Maybe we need to be more in love with our food and treat it with more respect.

It can't be simply the scooter versus motorcycle thing because you ride a scooter, too.

Hmm, maybe some more eating and practice is in order, eh?

Joe said...

Well, Dan, I pretty much ran a marathon with that "practice" on Sunday. Took the family to a dinner buffet and ate so much that my belly hurt for the rest of the day into the night. Sigh! If only I could remember MODERATION!


D.B. Echo said...

Hey, it was great meeting you today! I knew if I kept my eyes open long enough, I would eventually see you someplace. Having the scooter clinched the deal!

The old Eighth Street Bridge is a beauty and a terror. Father Tom Carten on his Things at Kings blog gave a history of the bridge (or was this a Citizens' Voice article I read?) that detailed the history of the bridge, mostly tallying the times that it was closed due to partial collapses. Even last year, during an especially hot stretch, the entire south end of the bridge heaved up about six inches, which is why there was an asphalt ramp there since then.

Joe said...

D. B., I was absolutely thrilled to meet up with you. I thought it was awesome that you recognized me and that we got to talk for a little while. Hopefully the next time we meet up we'll have more time to shoot a warm breeze together!