Saturday, December 11, 2010

Betty's Lights

Today was the day for the annual putting up of Aunt Betty's Christmas lights. The job doesn't amount to much work - stringing a set of lights on each of four small bushes and the attaching of a wreath to the front of the house, but it's a tradition just the same. Every year I moan about doing it because whenever I drive past Aunt Betty's house on the days leading up to Christmas the lights aren't usually turned on, but I know that the year is coming when there will be no more decorating of the bushes so ever year with a heart a bit heavier than it was the year before I put my moaning aside and do the lights.

Aunt Betty lives only a few blocks away so in spite of the freezing temperatures the lights were a good excuse to give the scooter a little exercise. It didn't fire right up, but after a few tries it was purring and chomping at the bit to get rolling. When the lights were done I ran downtown to circle the public square and then headed back to the house. I might have stayed out longer, but without the helmet with the face shield - well, I underestimated the cold yet again. I'll hope for a few more scoots in between the nuisance snows and freezing temperatures - maybe even a ride after the sun sets just to admire Aunt Betty's dark bushes.

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