Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best Space (Not) in the Lot

I still enjoy parking the scooter as close to stores as I can manage, usually right around the corner from the entrance.  I don't really seem to get any dirty looks.  It's almost as if the general motoring public expects to see bikes parked on sidewalks.

I suppose I could pretend, if I needed to, that I'm concerned about the safety and well being of the BV and wanting to keep it away from where cars could do it a lot of harm if their drivers aren't careful, but I'd be fibbing.  It's because I'm lazy and don't like walking all the way from beyond the handicap spaces to the doors and back.

Places like Wal Mart and Target keep the electronics where the supermarkets keep the bread and milk - way in the back to force you to walk past a whole pile of crap you don't plan to buy on the way to get to the good stuff.  And Sears I hate ever since they started the commercials about the "softer side of Sears" which meant that they were going to hide all the cool Craftsman tools completely behind the clothing.  Besides, I don't want to buy my dainties in the same place where I get my circular saw blades.  It's just not manly!

Heck!  I'd ride the cycle through the stores if they'd let me.  And they should until they start putting all the stuff I like right up front where it belongs!

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