Monday, March 1, 2010

Up or Down! In or Out!

I distinctly remember my Mom's Mom yelling at my sister, my cousins, and me whenever we'd hyperactively run in and out of the house or up and down the cellar stairs repeatedly as kids seem programmed to do for the sheer sake of annoying the adults who are driven crazy by it. "Up or down!" she'd cry in the latter case. "In or out!" in the former. I want to do that with the weather these days. "Snow or don't!" I'd like to bellow to some power that might heed my cry and alter the global weather patterns to suit me.

We got over a foot of snow between Friday and Saturday. I shoveled. (It's a heck of a lot easier being nearly 50 pounds lighter than last year.) I manned the Toro and blew probably a few tons of it off the sidewalks and out of our parking spaces. I shoveled some more when a few additional nuisance inches fell. I posted the picture of the icicles hanging off the back of the scooter on Saturday thinking that it would be a few more weeks before I'd get the bike in gear. Then the sun came out. I had the BV out and about on Sunday afternoon!

I wish I were mechanically in the know to any degree at all. The flat tire I replaced last year haunts me in that the new one that took its place needs to be filled every couple of days. Warranty or not, and I haven't even checked, it's going to necessitate a trip to the shop to drop the cycle off, the interminable wait, and then the trip back down to pick it up. The dealership is in a part of the city that there's no easy way to get to without having to go through many traffic lights and stop signs. In fact, I can be miles away on the interstate in the time that it takes me to meander through the city to get there. So, yeah, I wish I could take off the tire and just go to a tire shop to have it looked at rather than have to take the whole bike to the shop and leave it there. Oh, there's probably a YouTube video showing exactly how to do it, but I wouldn't trust myself. There are too many things back there to screw up.

Spring must be just around the corner. I'll be happy enough for now with Daylight Savings Time arriving in two weeks!


cpa3485 said...

You look very happy in that picture!

Well done!

Doug said...

>"Up or down!" she'd cry in the latter case. "In or out!" in the former.<

Familiar words even way out in California long ago! I think there must be or have been a standard book of "Mom phrases" that moms were issued once upon a time.