Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cards in a Deck

A few days ago I turned as old as the number of cards in a standard deck, without the Jokers, of course.  I remember my favorite uncle often chuckling on various birthdays, "Where you're 52 we'll shuffle you."  Well, here I am, Unc.  Shuffle away!

I was sufficiently fortunate to have good, warm scootin' weather on the day itself and had the presence of mind to capture the date on the dashboard display...

My birthday suit (Lucky for your eyes!) consisted of only my school clothes and a light jacket.  I'd almost gotten to the point, especially with the huge snowfall only a few weeks ago, of despairing in feeling as if the spring-like weather would never arrive, or at least not this early, but here it is!  Notice that the snow's gone in the background already.

We celebrated the milestone the weekend before when the girls could be home so the day itself passed quietly but most pleasantly.  Almost all of my Facebook friends popped in to wish me a happy birthday and a very lovely voice sang the birthday song to me probably over a dozen times, complete with the second verse - "May the Dear Lord bless you!"  A dear friend joined us for a seafood supper.  It was very nice!

Now, as for the brevity of this post and its fourth grade style - I feel like crap.  Hardly past midnight into the 9th I started getting the sore throat and the coughing.  We're now at the "head feels like it's packed with concrete" and "eyeballs feel like they're going to pop right out of my head" stages.  It's just a head cold, but I always seem to forget just how miserable they can make one feel.  Between this and the "build an ark" kind of rain that's supposed to be coming just in time for the weekend I might be grounded again for a little while.  But, there's no snow in the forecast, so I'll consider myself blessed and let it go at that.


Sixstring563 said...

Happy Belated Birthday Joe!

Joe said...

Thanks, Joe! ;)

Doug said...

Joe, clearly you're sick as a result of some wild birthday debauchery you've not shared with us. Confess and I'm sure you'll feel better.

Anyway, regardless of how wicked you were on your birthday, happy birthday, ol' hoss, and get well soon.