Friday, November 6, 2009

She's a Mrs!

It was a fairy tale wedding! I was going to write about it the day after, but apparently there was more emotion to contend with that I hadn't expected. When I got back here, having left early on Sunday morning to drive my mom, dad, and sister back to town, I faced an unexpected sense of loss. Nothing had changed, really. She'd been out of the house for a few years, at school, and got a job down there (a little over an hour away) more or less as soon as she graduated. For all intents and purposes she was already out on her own. Nevertheless, the heart is going to feel what it wants, and on Sunday I felt as if I'd buried her. Now? All seems to be well.

After spending Saturday morning here alone with my thoughts I made it down the aisle just fine and "gave her away" without shedding any tears. It was cool walking her down to the front of the church; it felt like I was back on stage, and I savored the moment in the sun.

No, I had NOT had my beard trimmed for the wedding. Actually, when I held my fingers around where I wanted it cut I hadn't realized that I was indicating for quite so much to be taken off and if I'd been conscious of it, I'd not have had it cut back quite as far. As it turned out, though, I thought it looked perfect with the tux, so I was well pleased with my overall appearance.

What Halloween wedding would be complete without pictures at the cemetery? Here's my little vampire and her old man hamming it up on the stairs of a grand mausoleum.

I think they make a beautiful couple. My new son-in-law does the same thing for a living as I do. How could I not love him?

After I danced the first verse of "Daddy's Little Girl" with her, I passed her over to dance a verse with my daddy. In doing so I touched him in a way that I never had before. It was one of the best ideas of my life.

The reception was amazing. The tables were festively decorated with skulls, candles, and black roses. The favors were Halloween treat bags which the guests filled at the candy bar after dinner. While we ate, the DJ played themes from classic horror films. I almost coughed out a mouthful of food when, during "Tubular Bells" (the theme from The Exorcist), my Aunt Betty leaned over and said, "This music is a lot nicer than that jitterbug music they usually play." Many of the guests wore costumes and they danced the night away.

My little girl is now a Mrs. A chapter closes. Another begins!


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Paul said...

Many congratulations to you. Your sense of loss is understandable and to be expected.

It sounds like it was a lovely wedding.

irondad said...

After one chapter is done, there's often even more fun in the upcoming ones!

Lance said...

Congratulations on this next chapter!