Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lost on the Farm

So, where have I been? Stuck on a farm. A virtual farm. Farmville, to be precise, that accursed application on Facebook.

No, I don't use my real name on Facebook. I don't want my students "friending" me nor reading the things I'd be tempted to write if I used the social networking aspect of the site. All I do is plant my little crops and then harvest them. If anybody knows of an "antidote" for Farmville, send it along. Till then I'll probably be rotting away the winter months in this chair pretending to be Joe the farmer from Podunk. Meanwhile I'll be waiting for them to award a John Deere hat or something to all the poor slobs like me who are way too much into Farmville.


Anonymous said...

Hope you slaughter and roast a very fat virtual turkey Joe. Happy Thanksgiving.

irondad said...

I am a technophile. Which means I don't dare even get started down that road!

Happy Thanksgiving.