Thursday, March 26, 2009


One of the brothers at the dealership said it was likely that the "explosion" that I thought I heard coming from the scooter was a backfire which would have resulted in the missing thing being blown off. As it turns out, as suggested by Paul, it's only a little cap to catch excess oil from the air filter and I can run the bike without it until a new one comes in and can be put onto the cycle.

As for my wobble and fall, I revisited the same spot in the car. There is a chunk or two of the roadway missing in the form of small potholes in the transitional line between the asphalt and concrete. I know I was looking to the left as I approached the intersection anticipating my turn to the right and not watching where my front tire was going so my best guess is that I hit one of the bumps which turned the wheel enough so that in my distractedness I couldn't correct it fast enough.

The swelling in the foot is going down. It's not throbbing constantly. If not for the rain today I'd have brought the bike to work.

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Paul said...

Hey! I was actually right! Sometimes I surprise even myself! ;-D

It makes sense that potholes would give you a wobble if you hit them just right. It only took hitting a few for me to really watch for them.

I am glad the swelling is reduced in your ankle. I shall continue to pray for you.