Monday, March 30, 2009

Short Sleeves!

I took my first ride of the season with short sleeves yesterday after supper! Okay, so it wasn't exactly 90 degrees in the shade, but the sun was quite warm. Of course once I started moving the wind chill kicked in and I felt it, but not enough to make the ride unpleasant.

Thunderstorms were in the forecast and the sky looked ominous in the west so I didn't stray farther than a few miles from the house. I did fill the tank and I'm still getting right around 65 mpg as I have been. By the time I started riding up our street the raindrops were starting and while I was dismounting under the deck the thunder started. Perfect timing!

Because it was windy this morning I took the car to work and with no reason to go out after that I didn't plan to ride anywhere. Oh, it isn't that I mind the wind for fear of blowing over, but it's cold on the bike when the temperature isn't warm and there's a wind blowing.

After sitting around for about an hour after work the phone rang. It was the shop letting me know that my nipple was in. I didn't know that's what they call it, but now I do and I'm the proud owner of a brand new one!

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Paul said...

Thank you so much for the belly laugh...So, you gonna get that thing pierced? LOL