Friday, May 20, 2016

Impromptu Snack Time: Yank's Franks

It was my pleasure a few days ago while scootering through Ashley Borough here in good old Pennsylvania to come upon this simple sign on the right side of the road directing my attention to the establishment on the other side.  Although my speed allowed me only a quick glance across the street, my eyes were quick enough to catch “Chili Dogs” on the curbside sign.

Having just gobbled down a couple of McDonald’s sausage burritos less than an hour before I wasn’t hungry in the least, but the promise of sampling a new chili dog was sufficient for me to promise myself that I’d stop in Yank’s Franks for a quick sample on the ride back.

I rode to where I’d intended, a spot where a main road was being detoured to see what in bloody blazes they were working on that required the closure and then retraced my ride back to the small restaurant where I’d hoped to tickle my taste buds on something new.  Stepping through the door was like taking a step back through the portal of a time machine.

Absolutely unassuming, the place delighted me at first glance.  There was nothing fancy except for the computer on the front counter.  From behind the tall counter in the back of the place a voice like the Wizard of Oz’s rang out asking me what I’d be having.  I ordered my single chili dog with extra yellow mustard and had a pleasant wait while the gentleman behind the counter (presumably "Yank") finished the order of the guy in front of me and then tended to my need for a new dog.

As I waited I asked the wizard if I could take some pictures for my blog.  Though he declined being in a photo, he welcomed me to take as many as I’d like of the place.  I snapped a few shots of the walls apparently “decorated” by satisfied customers, got my dog, paid my buck fifty-nine and proceeded to the outdoor seating area, a set of stairs leading to what appeared to be a boarded up doorway next door.

The weather was perfect and as I sank my teeth into my afternoon treat I drank in the beautiful day, the sunshine, and the voices of kids happy to be out of school and walking home from the bus stop with science fair type tri-fold cardboard displays clutched tightly.  The dog, with a red sauce based chili, was positively delicious!

With my dog in my belly I snapped a few more pictures of the outside of the restaurant and headed back to the scooter.  The proprietor, seeing me getting ready to take off called through the open door to ask me what I thought of the dog.  I thought it was very nice that he was hopeful that my snack was to my liking, and I was thrilled to tell him that I thought it was excellent with my assurance that I’d be back for more.

If you happen to be motoring through Ashley, PA someday, stop by Yank's Franks and treat yourself to one terrific chili dog.  You can tell Yank that Joe who writes the scooter blog sent you.  He might not remember me, but I hope it'll put a smile on his face just the same.

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kz1000st said...

It's always good the someone tries to open an establishment with a Human Face as opposed to the conglomerate establishments we usually have to dine in. I don't know if I'd have one with Chili but a simple dash of sour kraut with mustard would suffice. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal.