Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Seeing My Shadow

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow today, but I got to see mine, and on the scooter to boot!  Because the chubby little rodent didn’t cast a shadow to be seen his implied prognostication is for an early spring and I’m all for that!
 I don’t think I’ve ever been a big fan of winter because unlike most kids who were outdoors enjoying the snow and such, I was almost always on the inside watching them.  When I was young my mom and her mom came from a long line of moms who were absolutely, positively, indubitably, categorically certain that one’s being outdoors when it’s cold outside necessarily led to one developing a sickness of some sort ranging from the simple common cold to the absolute worst cases of pneumonia, and the Lord knew, as well as Mom, that a cold could turn into pneumonia at the drop of a hat.  It seemed that between the ages of about four and twelve or so I alternated every two weeks between having a sore throat (sometimes strep) and an earache anyway and getting dragged to the doctor’s for a shot of penicillin.

Even if I’d been allowed to play in the snow I’d most likely have failed miserably at it because of the gene I have that makes me totally inept at any kind of physical activity that’s supposed to be fun.   I wouldn’t have been able to throw a snowball to save my life, or ski, or skate, or ride a sleigh without banging head first into a tree or a fence or something.  So, winter?  Bah-humbug!  Never liked it.  Never will.  It should be noted that I’m not a huge fan of summer either, preferring the moderate temperatures of the spring and autumn to either of the extremes.

I went out today simply so I could say I had the scooter out in February in case there isn’t another day between now and the 29th (Leap year, you know.) on which there will be favorable riding conditions.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain all day and I’m already grateful that it won’t be snow that’s falling.

Since I had the BV out a few days ago, and today, if I’m really lucky it might be said by the time we usher in another new year that 2016 was the year in which I was able to take the scooter out every month.  I do believe that would be a first since I got the baby scooter in 2007.  Here’s hoping that Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog was right this time and that daffodils and crocuses won’t be long off from popping up all over!

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kz1000st said...

You are so lucky to be riding Joe. In my neck of the woods it isn't quite as warm as it might be and the roads are coated with road salt which has dire effects on motorcycle metal. I'm hoping that tomorrow's showers cleanses the roads of this white acid and maybe give me a chance to ride sooner than later. At that the temperatures on the web say it's mid forties here while my mercury thermometer says 38*. A little chilly for me.