Monday, September 28, 2015

An Important Retraction

It was only 27 days ago when I recommended here the consumption of a certain snack item as often as possible.  Of course then I was still 15 days away from landing my sorry ass in the hospital for the stay that lasted over a week and confirmed everything I'd been fearing for years about my state of health and the need to improve it.

I wrote this, to be exact:  The next time you're out riding and riding all day and finding the need for something to eat and drink coming on like there might be no tomorrow, just do this.  Grab a Tasty-Klair, a little jug of chocolate milk, and head for the closest Cracker Barrel porch.  Your whole body will thank you for it.  Well, thank me, maybe, for this sage advice. 


I was out today at the supermarket looking for some bland, tasteless things that I might make for breakfast from now on, and I happened upon the TastyKake items where I had to take pause just to look at the nutrition facts on my beloved Tasty-Klair.  I nearly fell over when I read the chart on the back of the box.

Yes!  They would be 80 mg of cholesterol in that humble 4 oz. snack!  Just what every new heart patient wants to see on one of his favorite snacks.  And with 320 mg of sodium, they're just as "healthy."

Now, everybody says when one is diagnosed with heart disease and starts on that long walk of lifestyle change, "Oh, it's okay to cheat every now and then."  Maybe that's true to some degree.  But cheating doesn't have to include something THIS disturbingly high in the bad things.  I do believe I've eaten my last Tasty-Klair ever.

Those who know me best will be seeing less of this view of me to some degree.  The daily walks have been feeling super heart-wise, but not on my legs, most specifically my right knee the joint of which needs to be replaced.

Luckily, some of my favorite forms of having fun won't be any different at all!  Thank God that the persons who regularly accompany me out in public have gotten so used to me that when I hand them the camera and strike a fetching pose such as this one, I don't even get the old roll of the eyes that I used to get.  They obediently take the shots I want just as I've trained them to do!

There are plenty of smiles like this one left inside me.  The changes I'm making feel good to me now, but it's a damned shame that I had to wait till it was nearly too late to make them to get my act together and my ass in gear.

And, I'm already praying for lots of good weathered scooter days ahead before I'm posting pictures of the Piaggio's front tire frozen into the ice under the deck where I park it.  I've had Thanksgiving days, as well as Christmases, and New Year days on which I was able to take the bike out for a holiday ride.  I'm hoping with all my might that I might get all three of them this year without frozen anything on the ground and with relatively balmy temperatures for their time of year.

You know what, though?  No matter how those days come and go, I'll take them!  I'll take them and be as happy with them as I know I'm going to be already, simply because I'll still be around on them to celebrate!

I might never walk past the Tasty-Klairs without a melancholy sigh, but any number of those sighs will pass and I'll be just fine with that.

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