Monday, August 17, 2015


When I got back from my latest trip (in the car, not on the scooter) I unceremoniously dumped my travel laundry bag into the washing machine, closed the lid, and walked away until it was time to transfer my cleaned items to the dryer.  Imagine my horror when after lifting out all the wet clothes, at the bottom of the drum of the washer, I saw something dark and rectangular still in there.  It wasn't until I drew it into the light that I realized what it was - the GPS I'd set into the laundry bag to bring it into the house at the end of my trip.  I'd totally forgotten that it was in the bag, and although I usually download my tracks from the GPS as soon as I get into the house and to the PC, for some reason I didn't do that this last time.

Next week I'll be traveling to Delaware and then to Somerset, Pa.  Yeah, I know my scooter buddies will be busting me for taking the car, but until I become a certified scooter mechanic who can take care of problems and breakdowns en route to somewhere (I'm lucky I can pump my own gas into the scooter.) I still won't be taking any trips of epic proportion on two wheels any time soon.

I hate traveling without a GPS, especially to parts unknown as I'll be doing on the way to Delaware.  I've been to Somerset many times, but never with a starting point in Delaware.  So, I broke down and did what needed to be done - bought a new GPS.  I stuck with Garmin, my first brand, and got nearly the same model as the one I killed.  Though it doesn't have some of the bells and whistles I'd really like to have, it was within my strained budget.

Sadly, the old GPS still interfaces with the PC and the computer can read all the data from it.  It just won't turn on and do its old reliable GPS things.

The good news is...  Last month I finally added a cigarette lighter adapter to the scooter and it plugs into the same connector that's attached to the battery for the trickle charger in the winter.  Now I have a second brand specific wire to run from it to the GPS for when I want to track a scooter ride. 

Now if I could only get that old GPS to turn on!


Paul Smith said...

Did you try the rice trick?

I know your pain. had something similar happen to a Nintendo DS a few years back. Very frustrating indeed.

Joe said...

Yeah, I kept it in that Chinese take-out quart container of rice (Oh! plain white uncooked rice. The only thing Chinese was the container.) for over a week before I tried turning it on. Every day I give it another shot, but don't get anything. I was very surprised to see that it still interfaced with the computer and thrilled to have gotten the track off it from that last trip that I took with it before sending it into the drink. Maybe if it sits out in the summer heat for a few more weeks, the rest of it will dry out and it will come back to life. I can always hope.