Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buzz in the Valley - 2013

Having had the pleasure of attending Johnstown, PA's annual "Thunder in the Valley" motorcycle rally twice, I was absolutely delighted when I read a few weeks ago on Facebook that a scooter group local to the area was to host a scooter rally there with the dubious moniker, "Buzz in the Valley."  I read about it, and forgot about it, until this past weekend when I was about 20 miles out of Johnstown and saw on Facebook that THAT was the weekend of the "Buzz."  I quickly sent a message to two of my scooter buddies, Carl and Megan who were married the past June at our local group's rally and who were in Johnstown enjoying what their group had to offer.  They told me that the group was out on a ride, but that they were at the campground, so I rushed over to say hello and to see where the Johnstownians host their rally.

I hadn't realized that it was Johnstown's second scooter rally until I saw their banner when I got to the campground and found Carl and Megan, along with Michael and Trish who I'd met for the first time at C&M's wedding.  They didn't go on the group ride because the weather looked miserable, and, indeed, while we were there with them it was raining lightly.  Their loss was our gain, though, because if it had been sunny and warm we'd have missed seeing them entirely.  I'm sure that the other scooterists, Carl's parents included, would have been fun to hang out with too, but we were happy enough getting together for a little while with folks we knew and whose company we were certain we enjoyed.

 Now, it must be noted, with some degree of chagrin, that this was the second scooter rally at which I showed up in a car.  Booooo!  Hisssss!  Because of previously mentioned fears of breaking down or hitting bad weather I'd never venture as far as western Pennsylvania on the Piaggio, but neither would I miss seeing the folks at a rally because of what would be a sense of misplaced pride that alone might have kept me from showing up on four wheels.

I enjoyed the spirit and the sights of the Johnstown "Buzz."  Scooter balloons!

 A Sacred Heart of Jesus sticker on a blue Vespa...

 And a scooter the likes of which I'd never seen.  I'd love one of these for cold commutes!

On Saturday evening I enjoyed one of the primary reasons I'd gone to Somerset County in the first place last weekend - the twenty-fifth anniversary banquet of the Somerset County Community Band with which I played the tuba for the first time in nearly 40 years last summer.  The sounds of a live big band which were provided at the celebration had been sorely missed by yours truly who last had the opportunity to hear real big band jazz many years ago when the local musicians' union of which I was then a part hosted the Count Basie Band for the union's 50th anniversary dinner.

A relaxing Sunday at our host's place where we celebrated his birthday brought the visit out west to a close and it was time to head back to start another work week.

I caught this photo on the way back east.  Oh, to be able to retire someday and travel like this from coast to coast at least once!

When we got back, there was water already boiling on the stove and six live lobsters waiting for me to cook them for supper.  Our friend, Mike, and my sister joined us for a scrumptious seafood feast!  I might have thought to get some pictures of the lobsters, but I was too busy cooking, then eating them.

Not a bad way to spend a weekend at all!

Oh, and as for "buzz."  I've always wondered what it sounds like when I drive past somebody on the scooter.  To me the BV sounds like a full grown motorcycle without all of that obnoxious throttling with the clutch disengaged at a red light, but is it really...

...Just a buzz?

[Update - a week later...  Just found out while reading an article online about stinging insects that VESPA is the genus name for hornets.  BUZZ, indeed!]

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kz1000st said...

"like a full grown motorcycle without all of that obnoxious throttling with the clutch disengaged at a red light,"

You've been listening to too many Harleys Joe, but then again,isn't PA where they're built? I sit at all traffic lights and let the bike settle into a serene idle and enjoy the rumble.