Monday, June 18, 2012


I've not been here since last September, shortly after I had started a new school year in a new place.  I would have been much happier at the old school and spent much of the academic year just feeling sorry for myself in being with strangers rather than among a whole bunch of people I loved.  I didn't feel like writing.  I didn't feel like doing much of anything except the things I had to do.

I don't know that I've really moved beyond that, but the comment that I just moderated asking if I'm still here poked me sufficiently to pop in here now.

When school got out on Friday, the 8th, I headed out of town to spend a week away from the valley to clear my head and just enjoy myself.  When I got back two days ago I headed to PennDOT to surrender my driver's license and begin serving a 15 day suspension of my driving privilege as a result of having been stopped for driving at 102 MPH on a 65 MPH interstate, obviously NOT with the scooter.  It was on a three mile hill where there are no extra lanes or crossovers in which a state policeman might hide.  They nailed me with a cop in an airplane!

So, I won't be scootin' for the next three weeks.  When my license is restored I'll be heading out of town again.  After that, I'll see where the summer takes me and if it brings me back here.



bobskoot said...


some of us really have missed you, and your multitude of "self" portraits, which I have grown fond of and am mimicking.

sorry for the changes. I know it is more comfortable in familiar surroundings and humans are creatures of habit. Think of it as a "new" challenge in this new world of downsizing and economic cutbacks. be thankful for what you have and that you are working . . . things could be much worse . . .

as for being a speed fanatic, You would have been the last person I would have ever suspected

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kz1000st said...

I'm glad you only stopped writing for the school year. I had asked around to other bloggers in PA about you fearing the worst. It's terrible to think it but street riding has numerous dangers and it could happen to any of us.

Joe said...

Yeah, Bob, I'm the last one I'd have expected to have been going that fast too.

Kz, thanks for the concern. I've had a couple of close calls lately, but I'm still in one piece at this point.