Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shot Myself Again

Ever since I experienced the thrill of capturing a picture of myself through one of Pennsylvania's highway cameras I was determined to do it again, from another camera. I had the opportunity this past weekend although I had to finagle a kludge to get the shot. The first picture I did a while ago I was able to capture using my iPod Touch and the free WiFi from at nearby Sheetz gas station. This time the shot would require an internet connected cell phone which mine isn't. Luckily, my partner in crime has one and she just happened to know exactly where the camera was looking out on her end of the commonwealth.

It looks more like some robotic appendage, but the camera is housed inside the bumble at the bottom of the mount. This camera looks down across Route 219 onto Scalp Ave. in Johnstown, Pa. where I'll be attending their annual Thunder in the Valley motorcycle rally in four weeks, right after school is out for the summer.

This is the scene, from street level, upon which the camera looks down. The building, a former Bob Evans restaurant, is home to the Johnstown branch of the Somerset Trust Co. There's my little Neon to the left.

And there we are standing on the sidewalk in the lower right hand corner. The other part of the kludge, since the phone doesn't store internet pictures, was photographing the image on the actual screen of the phone. I shot it in the back seat of the Neon after grabbing the scene with the trusty Fuji digital camera I affectionately call Mama Bear.

To see the actual scene through this road camera in real time, click here.

Yes, I'm doing my share of riding the scooter these days when we have the rare day on which the forecast isn't for scattered thunderstorms. Seems like they're all we've been having lately, and I've been taking the car to work more often than not. I'm guessing I'll be more productive here once I put the school year to bed. Stay tuned!

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Doug said...

Joe, you're wild man. Next you'll be making pictures of yourself "planking" with your scooter.