Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ride to Work Day

It's ironic that for how much I enjoy riding the BV to work, the school year usually ends about a week or better before the official "Ride to Work Day" for motorcyclists which is on the 3rd Monday in June.  Thus it was that I celebrated my own version of the day this morning by taking the scooter to work for the first time since the first wintry mix of precipitation hit the valley on December 9th.

Though I ride after dark in the evening often enough, I'm much more wary of doing so in the morning, probably because I know there are other folks behind their wheels who are just as much wishing they were still in bed as I am.  Just a week ago it was quite light out at 6:45 when I usually leave for work, but it was still darned cold, and while the temperatures were on the rise as we approached the start of daylight savings time, once we turned the clock ahead last weekend it was still mostly murky when it was time for me to leave the house.  Today was the right combination of light and temperature and off I went!

I probably won't feel TOO
bad in June when I'm riding
around on that third Monday
and not having to go to work!

1 comment:

irondad said...

I feel so sorry for you not having work to ride to!

Go ride and be visible, at least. Tough duty but somebody has to do it.