Friday, January 21, 2011

Off Road

When I was a kid a sick day off from school had a certain feel to it, in part because I wore my pajamas all day.  Snow days, off from school now, seem to have that same ambiance and probably because I don't usually need to change out of what I wore to bed the night before just to man the shovel and broom.  Today was our fourth snow day at school for this winter, and the thought of making days up in June just adds to that sick day feeling.  

To be certain, I won't be winning any best dressed awards for today's snow cleaning outfit.
The scooter is pretty much stuck here under the deck until the roads are a lot cleaner than they are now.  Though I was delighted at the beginning of the month when I was able to ride on New Year's Day with relative impunity, the crapiness of real winter is now here with a vengeance, and some days I don't even venture out on four wheels unless there's a pressing reason to do so.

Facebook posts here in Northeastern Pennsylvania are filled with expressions of disgust about the snow that just keeps coming every few days, except from the kids who ski and do those other outdoorsy kinds of things in winter that make me shake my head and wonder what's wrong with them.

It's going to be a while, I fear, till I can see the lawn that I know is under this.

And until then, though you might see me here from time to time, I won't be writing much about my scootering adventures.

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