Friday, November 5, 2010


Here we are on the verge of turning the clock back that hour that's going to make night fall much earlier for the next four months or so.  Seasonal affective disorder, here we come!

Once the sun sets the day is essentially over for me.  It's not that I can't go out in the cold and dark; I just don't feel like - not even in the car.  I eat supper and usually climb into my pajamas only to watch the clock crawl down to bedtime.

Oh, I'll fight that inclination to throw the towel in on the day as much and as often as I can, but when all is said and done I'm often vanquished by the proverbial towel and zonked out on the couch during Jeopardy.

Here's hoping for a fast, mild winter!

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kz1000st said...

While the big bike is probably parked for the season, I have an answer to the cold climes. I ride the 50cc members of my flock. Given their slow speeds wind chill is not so bad and I can generally dress to overcome it. Plus the insurance is negligible and maintenance has been non-existent for Chinese machines. I put a big crate on the back of one and it's been a fabulous grocery getter. Here's a picture of it and my story of how it came to be a utility machine.