Monday, May 24, 2010


I wrote a blog some years ago, entirely unlike this one.  All of us who create thematic blogs express mostly slivers of ourselves in our offerings.  Some seem to keep a viable reader base when their thoughts are all over the place rather than centered on a singular topic or idea.  Indeed, I find myself drawn more to particular writers and their styles even when they go way off base in what they choose to write about.  I read some of my own past posts, though, and wonder if I'm not just all wishy-washy in that I don't seem to focus on the scooter and the riding thereof, though I claim to be Scootin' da Valley.  But, there's more to my life, as there is to any life, than scootering as my friend Joe who's the only person in the world who's been privy to both of my blogs can attest.  Greg, my best friend from high school, recently taught me, "All you ever really know about someone is what he tells you."  He's right, of course.

So what was all that the preamble to?  Just that some days are the best in their simplicity.  Like yesterday when I scored this choice parking space right in front of City Hall on my way to the Fine Arts Fiesta on the public square.  Sometimes all it takes to put me on top of the world is a clean shot at a good parking spot, and then there are the days when dancing bears and people whom I love are knocking themselves out to raise me from a low spot and failing miserably, probably because I'm wallowing in self pity and nearly enjoying it.  I blame it on being Slovak sometimes.  It might not be the ethnicity, per se, but simply a genetic bent to be up or down with little middle ground that feels quite right.

Like everybody, I love a good day, but perhaps with my disposition to feel things deeply and richly, more than most.  The top of the world is a great place to be, in spite of its loneliness at times.  When my face is lit up by a smile, God's in His heaven and all's right with the world.  Well, my little world at least.

Give me a good scootering day every now and again, and I'm happy enough even when that scootering day has nothing at all to do with riding the scooter.


Doug said...

Joe, I believe a scooter (or motorcycle) blog without a strong human component would be a more like a technical treatise. It might be useful but not all that interesting.

As much as I loved two wheeled machines, I think it's the humans (like you!) involved with them that make the sport/hobby/lifestyle or whatever it is really work and be interesting.

irondad said...

It all depends on whether you're going after readers or writing to connect with others.

I figure it's my blog and I'll do what I feel like!