Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stinking Groundhog

It would appear that winter will indeed linger for a while before decent riding weather is back with us. Though we missed the huge storm over the weekend we paid the piper sufficiently today. The BV will sit silently once again till all this new stuff melts and evaporates. It does sap the spirit some when one can't hop on the bike and just hit the road when the whim strikes.

I find myself wondering what I did for all those years, before I got my first taste of scootering, when I needed to unwind and introspect as I do when I'm out riding. I can't think of a thing I ever did that gives me the same kind of cerebral and emotional satisfaction as I get when I'm cruising around on the scooter and wrestling with issues and concerns that need pondering, kneading, and juggling. If I'm sitting in a stationary chair it's too easy to be distracted by the computer, the TV, nearby conversation and the like, and once I'm distracted, there goes whatever focus I might have been giving to some idea.

Riding demands concentration and steady alertness. That same hyper vigilance that I'm giving to staying upright and out of contact with other vehicles or the ground seems to be transferred to my thought processes in general. Aw, heck! I just pay better attention to myself when I'm on the scooter. It's not the same when driving the car. Though that needs concentration too, I don't think it's nearly the same kind as when you're as vulnerable as your precious cranium is when you're on two wheels. Ergo, what you get out of your head isn't of the same quality on four wheels. And more than four wheels? Forget it! I think there's an inverse correlation between the number of wheels and mental activity, ability, and quality. (Luckily, the folks whom I might have insulted here won't know what "inverse correlation" means and won't come gunning for me with their rigs.)

So, here I sit unable to get my brain in the right gear 'cause the snow has the scooter grounded. Whatever will I do with all of these thoughts that demand pondering in the mean time? Perhaps I'll assign them numbers based on priority and wait for the thaw to hit. Big, chunky, stinky ones to the front of the line. Feeble little pellets, to the rear. Or is that from the rear?

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irondad said...

Not only does the inverse correlation apply to the number of wheels, but I think also to the size of the vehicle.

Although I'm not exactly sure how to explain the two wheelers who don't seem to have a clue, either.