Sunday, December 20, 2009

And, Suddenly, It's Winter!

I sort of lost the past month.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is that length of time when the anticipation of the holidays seems to put the apparent movement of time into overdrive.  It seems that the last bit of leftover stuffing barely clears the gullet when the  spicy scent of festive cookies being baked spreads through the house.  A big old evergreen appears in the living room.  The countdown of days till Christmas vacation excites young (students) and old (teachers) alike.  And, depending on one's view of the stuff, the earth is blessed with a covering of snow.

Clement Moore's "long winter's nap" comes with the advent of winter.  Actually, many such naps are in order during the season, especially later when it drags on into when it seems that the arrival of spring might never come.

Favorite machines get put aside out of necessity.  Others which are much less fun need to be readied to do their duty through the long, cold days and nights ahead.

The first half inch of the first snow is kind of delightful.  After that, it becomes old hat awfully fast.

I've lost almost 50 pounds since June.  I can shovel snow without feeling like a heart attack is waiting just around the corner.  I was out clearing the walk this morning, and felt almost a kind of childish glee while tossing the shovels full of it aside.  I wonder if my gas mileage will get even better on the scooter with less of me for it to haul around?

I'm waiting for a "warm" day when all the sludge on the roads is cleared so I can get out on the BV.  Till then I'll anxiously await the arrival of Christmas!


cpa3485 said...

It doesn't get much better than curling up with a cat for a winter's nap. Somehow, I guess that the cat was not entirely cooperating during the picture taking process. But then again, they know just how much they are actually in charge of things.
Congrats on the weight loss. I, too have lost some weight and know how much better I feel. It has cost me though as I have had to replace some clothing for a better fit. As sure as time marches on, other more fun machines will inch their way to the front of the garage to be ready when needed.

Doug K. said...


Good to see you're alive and doing well! Congratulations on the 50lb weigh loss. That's a significant feat.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


irondad said...

Man, I could hardly see you in the photo!

I look forward to this time all year. Then it seems like it zooms by.