Monday, October 19, 2009

Anniversary of Sorts

This past Friday came and went without any scooter fanfare.  I didn't realize it was the two year anniversary since I'd gotten the BV, but even if I had, the day's plans would have been the same and my butt wouldn't have kissed the seat of the cycle.  I did do some traveling, but in the car, and the roads looked like this...

I remember the day I traded in the Fly and got the BV.  I tend to grow unduly attached to some things, and the little scooter was one of them.  Although I never gave it a name, I felt a fondness for it that went beyond what one ought to feel for inanimate objects, and when it was time for that final ride to say goodbye to it forever the only thing that kept the lump in my throat from growing too large was the excitement of knowing that I'd be picking up the BV.

I've learned a lot about myself from that trade and from the riding I've done on both of the bikes.  I've grown more introspective in general and riding has provided a wonderful forum for those insightful visits into my own head.  I won't pretend that I know myself better now, but I do know myself differently than I did before, and I'd say in some very good ways.

I've learned of some self imposed limits, too, and I don't consider them weaknesses but instances of respectful deference to my own common sense.  I won't be taking any journeys of epic proportion on the scooter, for example.  I'll ride within my comfort zone and make no apologies for doing so.

I'll keep on riding - and writing - as much as I feel like and not a bit more nor less.  I'll celebrate the scooter kinds of anniversaries, some quietly and others with a little more noise.


bobskoot said...


Contratulations on your anniversary with the BV. You have bonded with your machine and it has taken you to places and changed your outlook towards life and nature. It is also a very good stress reliever when you need a break from realities.

The picture of that "white" stuff is a reminder that winter is on its way.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Doug K. said...


Congratulations on your first year with your BV. It sounds like you've hit the sweet spot with your riding and writing. Keep doing it your own way but don't give up pushing yourself once in a while too.


cpa3485 said...

I can really relate to your comment about more introspective. On my recent little trip, there was much chance for that and I took advantage of it. Some people may ride with music by use of an IPOD or other means, but I for one think there is a real advantage to just riding and being with your own thoughts. One can always hum a song to themselves.

irondad said...

You're just too secure, man. That threatens anal psychotics like me!

Joe said...

Crap, Dan! Me? Secure? I'm at least a multi-facted neurotic! I'd never knowingly threaten a card carrying psychotic. Honest!