Friday, October 3, 2008

Glowing with Pride

The bike is back from the shop, and after two days and a good number of miles it's not leaking. Yet. I'm afraid to breathe, thinking that as soon as I do I'm going to cause it to drip so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and turning a little blue.

I brought it back before supper yesterday and then rode a bit in the evening to give it a good run. When I stopped at Sheetz for a French vanilla cappuccino and pressed the button to work the electric latch so I could open the seat, I was miffed to discover that the button wasn't doing anything. I used the manual latch release and got the seat open only to discover that the inside light was out of its fixture and also not working. I popped the light back into place, but didn't really expect anything because I'd already suspected a blown fuse as the culprit guessing that the guys at the shop took out the bulb when they were working "under the hood" so as not to drain the battery and then accidentally shorted it out when putting the bulb back in place and forgot about it afterwards. Sure enough, when I removed the small side panel to access the fuse block, one of the 15A fuses was popped.

I hit up Wal-Mart after work today, got a pack of fuses, and much later, after riding all over the place, I finally made it home and replaced the bad one. Ta da! My first self repair job! Okay, so it's not really impressive, but for me, it's progress.

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Lance said...

Good to see you back in the saddle. Any repair that I can do myself (and mine are pretty simple as well) is a great experience, plus it saves a few bucks. It's satisfying when you figure out what's wrong, fix it, and it works again.